A Longing….

A longing for God’s love.
There is no greater love than His…

Though people can search the whole world for that love, none can even amount to the intensity of the love that God has for us.

None can comprehend, the love that was so freely given by God that Jesus died on the cross for our sins engraving our names on His hands after taking the weight of our sins and burdens on the cross. The weight that was so heavy but was beared on the cross for the sake of the world. So that we may be reconciled to God.

The only love that fills my cup and makes if overflow, the only love that touches my heart like a lover touches his/her partners cheek, the only love that was so great that a king would lay down His life for His people.

His love covers all of our sins.

I cannot write on this blog forever, but I know one thing… We won’t be needing to blog about His love next time. Because, a blog cannot hold the many words that describe His love for us…

8:09 a.m.
30th of November.
Woke up to the bright sunlight shining in my face, thinking of what to in the morning, thought of starting my morning with God.
Comments: Always a better plan. Greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city… That city is each and everyone of us… For we the people make the city.. The city wouldn’t be a city without people….

I may sound deep sometimes, but I love being deep…

I just want you, Jesus.



One Response

  1. Keep seeking God!
    Why is it so easy to be distracted? In hols it’s even worse TT
    Someimes I am too ‘into’ being Christian that it’s not TRUE at all. Like a hypocrite. Let’s be true. Stop acting, but seriously search for GOD.

    Nice post la, more should come and view. [taking long breather till last paper of exam]

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